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Over the past four years, there have been so many fundamental changes to the retail banking landscape that many management teams are still frozen in uncertainty. Financial institutions across the country continue to struggle with changes to Reg. E, the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation, and increased scrutiny on fee structures by various regulators.

Innovate or Evaporate

Financial institutions that re-position their product offerings and fee structures in a smart, strategic way will be far ahead of those who do not. Further, those that understand that consumers happily will pay for services and benefits that have reasonable and perceived value, are the innovators that will thrive in this retail banking environment.

Is FREE Checking Dead?

It is for many financial institutions. The loss of overdraft and interchange revenue resulting from 2010 regulations has made it tough for community and regional banks and credit unions to compete and thrive. Checking fees have become a necessity for many institutions, but free checking does not need to die – it needs to evolve.

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Generate a New Revenue Stream

With our program, you can generate new non-interest income that has the potential to grow to the amount you make from overdraft and interchange fees. The additional revenue stream will make it possible for you to price checking in a way that results in happy account holders – free.

**Disclaimer: Results are estimates. Velocity Solutions, LLC makes no representation or warranty regarding results since these will vary by institution.

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